Useful Research Tips

Helpful links

Here is a file borrowed from Dan McIntosh that gives useful linux commands linux basics (PDF)

Here is a file with some tips on how to display and examine images with IRAF primer (PDF)

Finally, here are some useful links

Cosmology Calculator

Distance Measures in Cosmology (David Hogg): 

To access published journal articles use the ADS query

For those people with Macs this link is useful to get your Mac set up for Astronomy.

Many tips for using python are found by googling “Python Astronomers”

Good practices

Get in the habit of reading newly released papers every day.  These can be accessed at Los Alamos website.  You should get in the habit of reading the “new” postings every day.  Papers can be downloaded and archived very nicely using your favorite means.  I like to use the “Papers” program from

You should get in the habit of keeping a log of everything you do.  I like electronic logs because you can search them and attach plots but everyone needs to find their own method.  I have used Evernote but now use OneNote, which is provided by my institution.