I have taught 

  • Astronomy 177 “The Big Questions: The Origin, State, and Fate of the Universe”
  • Astronomy 191 “Contemporary Astronomy”
  • Astronomy 196 “Introductory Astronomy Lab”
  • Astronomy 391 “Honors Physical Astronomy”
  • Astronomy 592 “Galactic and Extragalactic Astronomy”
  • Astronomy 596 “Observational Astrophysics”
  • Astronomy 692 “Astrophysics II”
  • Astronomy 792 “Topics in Advanced Astrophysics: Galaxy Evolution”


My main focus has been on active engagement of students and in encouraging them to represent their knowledge in ways that extend beyond traditional homework assignments and exams.  In my introductory class this includes both writing and creative expression.  In my upper-level class this includes research-oriented activities such as in-class presentations and writing telescope proposals.

I assess my students performance both pre and post-course to determine how changes to my course structure affect their learning.


I have written about a project in my introductory astronomy classes.  The article will be published in the Spring 2010 edition of KU’s, “Reflections from the Classroom”.  A version of the article is available here (PDF)

Course Materials

I am happy to share other course materials, e.g. exams, homework assignments, projects, etc. upon request.